Four-ball match play. Field will be divided into 5 flights(minimum) of 6 teams each. Each team will play a 9-hole match against every other team in their flight. The matches will be handicapped off the low handicap player in each foursome. He will play scratch and give one-half the difference in strokes to the other players, with all players receiving full handicap, up to one stroke per hole.

In the case that we do not have enough teams to fill at least 5 flights, we will change the format to a Stableford format and issue more details on how that will work.


Winning hole: 1 point

Tying hole: 1/2 point

Winning Match: 1 point

No show match: 7 points

Matches have a total of 10 points that may be won (1 point on each hole). The total points won by each team will equal 10 points.  


There will be one prize winner in each flight of six teams, based on the number of points won in all five matches played. In the event of a tie, the head-to-head match score will be used. If that match was tied, a "chip-off" will be used to determine the winning team. The order of play will be determined by lot, with the team not playing first being “blind” both to the shots and to their proximity to the hole. 


The Rabbit Shootout consists of the 5 Flight Winners competing in a three-hole “shootout” to determine the Overall Champions. 

The 5 Teams will tee off on hole #7. Scoring will be based on four-ball play, using the 18-hole course handicaps. On the first play-off hole, the two highest scoring teams will be eliminated. On the second play-off hole, the next highest remaining team will be eliminated. (Ties will be decided by a short game shot to be determined by the tournament committee: i.e., putt, chip, pitch, or sand shot. These short game shots are to be played with all other competitors “blind” to the play and results.) That leaves the final two teams meeting on hole #9 to determine The Rabbit Champion. If a tie still exists, then the tournament committee will determine the remainder of the playoff.

*** Due to safety concerns as well as the Shootout being an adult environment, we strongly discourage the presence of anyone under the age of 18*** 


The Fields Golf Club Tournament Committee will certify the USGA Handicaps. The Tournament Committee may adjust handicaps in cases of repeated exceptional performance or submitted scores for handicaps. 

Handicaps for nine-hole matches will be 50% of the difference from the low handicap player in the foursome (the low handicap player in the foursome plays to a scratch [0] handicap). Half-strokes will be counted. All strokes and half-strokes are given as they fall on the card. Half strokes will be used on the players' last handicap hole. 


If one player is not ready to start his match at the posted time, his partner must proceed without him, playing the better ball of his opponents. The absent player may join his partner on the course. If both players of a team are not ready to start their match at the posted time, their opponents shall tee off on schedule. The opponents win each hole that is uncontested. No team may accumulate more than 7 points from uncontested play. 


To be settled within the foursome before the next hole. If dispute still exists, play two (2) balls and bring to the attention of the Rules Committee before the final score is posted. (Rule 3-3) 


If severe weather shortens the tournament, Flight Winners will be determined based on the points earned through a designated number (by the Tournament Committee) of completed matches at the scheduled Shootout start time.


The scorecards for each match have been stroked and indicate only the strokes to be given for that match, not the player's handicap. 


USGA Rules will govern all play. Players 64 and under must play the white tee markers. Players 65 and over may choose to play the Gold tee markers with a 5 shot deduction in course handicap. 

The schedule of play must be followed closely. Please do your part to keep play moving. IF YOU ARE OUT OF A HOLE, PLEASE PICK UP. (However, please enter the score for that hole that the handicap system allows—i.e., the score you would most likely have made within the parameters of “Equitable Stroke Control.”) 

Remember, in match play, holes may be conceded and putts may be conceded. Note: Conceded putts that are struck to assist your partner are a violation and subject to penalty. 

The starting hole is on your cart sign. The higher seed in the match has starting hole honors. All matches play all nine holes of that nine. 

The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the score to the scoreboard immediately after play of their match. 


Please make sure to repair any damage to the golf course including, but not limited to, repairing ball marks, filling in divots, raking bunkers, and strictly adhering to the daily golf cart rules. 


Players are permitted to have their cell phone. However, during a match, a player may not use his phone during the play of a hole. During the play of a hole, if the phone’s ring or the player in the act of answering his cell phone distracts his competitor while playing a stroke, the side which distracts shall be penalized 1 shot.